Real Athletes Workouts – Chris Roller, LA Dodgers Outfielder

Earlier this week I posted some training clips on my Instagram account from one of my professional athletes – Chris Roller (LA Dodgers Outfielder). Today, I wanted share with you guys his entire workout top to bottom!

Below you will see video of every exercise in his workout, specific sets and reps from the workout, and the rest period times we used in this training session. Now let’s get into some specifics of the workout!

First off, Chris is in Phase 1 of his off-season training and this specific workout was the second (of three) HIGH CNS (Central Nervous System) days in Chris’s training week. In the video below you’ll see Chris’s full training session where we focused on explosive medicine ball throws, lateral jumps, bilateral lower body lifting, resisted sprinting (hill sprints), and some accessory upper back/core work.

Here’s the session video:

Here’s the full write up of today’s workout:

A1. Extended Movement Prep Routine (Not Shown)

B1. Medicine Ball Backwards OH Throw for Distance x 1 (Bioregulated - we got up to 8 total sets)
B2. Squat to Stand W/Diagonal Reach x 5 reps
Rest: 30-60 seconds after squat to stand

C1. Single-Leg Lateral Heiden Jumps x 5/side (Bioregulated - we got up to 5 total sets)
C2. Low to High Rotational Landmine Press x 4/side (Bioregulated - we got up to 5 total sets)
C3. Supine 90/90 ER Holds 4x6 (throwing arm)
Rest: 60-90 seconds after supine er holds

D1. Barbell Hip Thrust W/Upper Back on Bench 3x5
D2. TRX Row W/Slow Eccentric Lowering 3x6
D3. Tall-Kneeling Banded Pallof Press 3x8/side
Rest: 90-120 seconds after pallof press

E1. Hill Sprints  4 sprints x 20 yards/sprint
Rest: Full Recovery (about 2-3 minutes)

F1. Kanzler Tempo T-Raise 4 x 25 reps (5 sec isometric hold every 5 reps)
F2. AB Wheel 4 x 20 reps

Rest: 30-60 seconds after AB Wheel

Please keep in mind this workout is specifically designed for Chris’s body and needs. He is a professional baseball player who has been training for years and has built a tremendous base of strength. If you’re someone who is a beginner in the weight room I do not suggest you perform this workout. You would benefit much more from mastering technique on the fundamental movement patterns (squat, hinge, row, lunge, etc.) and improving your general strength over time (our 20-week program is perfect for this).