Baseball is hard.

Want to make it easier? Get stronger.

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  • 20 periodized weeks of training
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  • "The offseason is such an essential piece of how an athlete performs in their season. This program delves deeply into strength and conditioning and covers this comprehensive field in great detail, yet is user friendly. And I know from first hand experience being on Alex Simone's podcast what a first class person he is, and how passionate and determined he is to impact athletes of all ages."

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    Alan Jaeger
    Founder of Jaeger Sports and the world-famous J-Band system

    Did your last season fall short?

    Don’t let your physical development be the limiting factor in your baseball career! We know you have the work ethic and motivation to become better, but sometimes you simply don’t know exactly what to do. What you need is a plan. Our 20-week program is a full-scale offseason training plan designed to take your athleticism to the next level. We lay out a specific plan so you don’t have to do any thinking. All you have to do is put in the work.

    For the price of ONE private lesson, you could invest in 20 weeks of long-lasting physical and athletic development.

    Do you know what usually separates the best high school players from the rest? Physicality. Time and time again, the biggest, strongest, fastest, most athletic kids dominate the diamond. And the ones that floundered around and wasted their offseason? They struggle to even keep their heads above water once the season rolls around. Don’t be that guy. You have the opportunity to completely transform your body, your athleticism, and your game.

    Don't just take our word for it

    "Weight training was a crucial part to my development in high school. It is what I believe got me to the next level and what keeps me healthy and on the field today. This program is awesome and is definitely a great guideline for those looking to train with proper technique and who are wanting to get better with a purpose."

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    Scott Blewett
    MLB Pitcher, Kansas City Royals

    "In today’s age of early specialization and over-scheduling in youth sports, a solid strength program is a need not a luxury. The constant repetitive motions that our young athletes are exposed to have to be counter-acted somehow. A properly planned and progressed program like this one can not only help a young athlete stay healthy but give them the physical base of preparation needed to stay healthy and succeed at the upper levels of their sport. I have witnessed many times over the course of my coaching career how raising strength decreases injury and increases athletic performance. The no non-sense approach taken in this manual is exactly what our young athletes need to be exposed to."

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    Nate Harvey
    S&C Coach, Powerlifter, Executive at EliteFTS

    "I encourage all high school ballplayers to use this program. This is something I wish I had when I was growing up playing baseball."

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    Nick Burdi
    MLB Pitcher, Pittsburgh Pirates

    "Maximizing power output is something every elite athlete looks to accomplish. Regardless the sport, the best players are those who are able to achieve max power with the greatest consistency. Jason Kanzler has spent countless hours learning what it takes to do so, and he is giving you an inside look with this program. I will work with him this offseason, entrusting that there is no one more capable of helping prepare my body for my first full professional season."

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    Chandler Taylor
    AA Outfielder, Houston Astros

    "In looking at the program Jason has created, it is something I wish I would have had my hands on before entering the college baseball realm. His experience alone is extremely impressive, combined with his accomplishments and knowledge, which makes it a no brainer. This program is a must-have for anyone aspiring to be in the Big Leagues."

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    Hunter Bishop
    San Francisco Giants 1st Round (10th Overall) Pick