This has been the best workout plan that I’ve done, ever.

Martin V. – College Baseball Player

  • Authentic programming of a professional baseball client
  • 8 weeks of integrated strength, power, and speed development
  • Unrestricted access to our massive movement video library
  • Explanations and rationale for every single training day
  • Special emphasis on rotational power and explosiveness
  • Direct lines of communication with the Jason Kanzler and Alex Simone
  • Prioritization of performance and results

Other Athletes are Training Right Now.

Thank you for this series, your content, your programs, and your love to help athletes all over.

David C. – Performance Coach

Great program! Did the full 8 weeks and feel stronger and more athletic.

Colin S. – Baseball Player

I loved the program and I’m very thankful for your help. I cut down my weight, gained strength, and felt more like an athlete!

Kaleb B. – Baseball Player

Volume 1 of our Pro Workout Series gives you an inside look at a full 8 weeks of programming for one of our professional baseball clients. Designed specifically for an athlete of intermediate training history, this program aggressively pushes strength, power, and speed gains through neurally charged movement prescriptions carefully periodized for maximal impact. With a special emphasis on rotational power and explosiveness, this program is well suited for baseball, softball, tennis, golf, hockey, and lacrosse athletes looking to transform their game.

Build Athletic Strength and Explosive Power

Saw lots of improvements in my strength and explosiveness.

Connor L. – College Baseball Player

I really enjoyed the program. I gained insight into training and learned new exercises that I will be using in the future. It was great!

Robert W. – Baseball Player

Thank you for the last 8 weeks I thought it was amazing.

Conor M. – Baseball Player
Build athletic strength, rotational power, and meaningful muscle mass.

We have been using your workouts, stretch routines, sprint work for years now. I have learned a lot of the WHY’s of what you guys do and what lifts you group together. Our kids have benefitted enormously over the past couple of years with these ideas. Can’t thank you guys enough. I tell our guys to follow you on Twitter as I tell them I get my workouts from you guys. I also tell them that I’m getting these things from guys that are way smarter than me. Thanks for your time and expertise.

Mike F. – Head Baseball Coach, Texas 6A

Train Like a Pro.

I did the entire 8 week program from start to finish. It has been a few years since I have felt this athletic. Your program was the perfect timing for me to start incorporating some good contrast work. I love the 8 weeks so much that I will be doing it all over again!

John P.

We have trained professional athletes ranging from first round picks to World Series winners. We understand exactly what it takes to improve explosive strength, power, and speed. Pro Workout Series Volume 1 gives you the opportunity to train like one of our pros.

The programming was first class all the way! Every day of the week was programmed, even if it was an ‘off’ day some guidance was provided as to what we should be doing on those days, which is critical to long term progress. The lifts were periodized, which allows players to make significant progress by adjusting their max lifts to how they feel on the day. I’ve seen exercises programmed here that I’ve never heard of before, and all done in a way that complement each other perfectly!

Michael T. – Football Player