Example of a Professional Pitcher’s Full Week of Training

by Jason Kanzler

Sometimes it’s best to throw away the theory and the complicated terms, roll up our sleeves, and dive straight into real programming for real athletes.

What follows is a full week of training for a highly touted pitching prospect in professional baseball.  Please understand that this program takes into account a large array of factors, including his health and injury history, movement screen results, and individual goals and aspirations for this specific offseason.

Monday: Lower Body Focus

A1. med ball overhead backward throw for max distance, 5 x 1

A2. continuous lateral hurdle hops, 5 x 6 alt.

B1. trap bar deadlift, work up to a single at 95%+

C1. dumbbell goblet curtsey lunge, 4 x 12 alt.

C2. med ball step behind shot put throw, 4 x 8 ea.

D1. single-leg slideboard hamstring curl, 4 x 12 ea.

D2. side-lying knee-banded clam with short lever plank, 4 x 30s ea.

Tuesday: Recovery

A1. elliptical or bike, 10 minutes at 120-140 ea.

B1. mobility circuit, 3-5 rounds

C1. leg-supported parasympathetic breathing, 10 minutes

Wednesday: Upper Body Focus

A1. chain or plate weighted push-up, work up to a 3RM

B1. TRX chain or plate weighted inverted row, 6 x 4

C1. standing single-arm cable row, 3 x 12 ea.

C2. wrist-banded lateral hand walk, 3 x 30s ea.

D1. standing band YTWI, 4 x 10 ea.

Thursday: Recovery

A1. GPP circuit, 3 rounds

B1. mobility circuit, 3-5 rounds

C1. full body static stretch, 10 minutes

Friday: Lower Body Focus

A1. banded speed squat, 6 x 2

A2. box jump, 6 x 3

A3. dumbbell vertical jump into dumbbell release vertical jump, 6 x 1

A4. band-assisted split squat jump, 6 x 4 alt.

B1. kettlebell front-racked lateral step-up with high knee hold, 4 x 8 ea.

C1. single-leg hip thrust, 5 x 2o ea.

C2. kettlebell tempo Russian twist, 5 x 20 alt.

Saturday: Upper Body Focus

A1. landmine single-arm row to hand switch overhead press, 6 x 4 ea.

B1. dumbbell renegade row with low back clip balance, 4 x 20 alt.

B2. tall-kneeling med ball side to side overhead slam deceleration, 4 x 8 alt.

C1. dumbbell single-arm bench, 3 x 6 ea.

D1. kettlebell waiter walk, 4 x 20 yd ea.

D2. slideboard plank bodysaw, 4 x 30 sec

Sunday: Recovery

A1. walk, 30 minutes

B1. yoga, 1 hour

Please keep in mind that this training week is specific to an individual athlete with very individual needs.  He is a professional pitcher that went to an amazing Division 1 program with a fully-funded, fully-staffed physical development and athletic training staff.

He had a great base of training history and age before I began to work with him, and his fundamental movement patterns were solid.What I’m trying to say is don’t use this program for your own training.  Instead, read it over, learn from it, and apply bits and pieces (or don’t) to your or your clients’ trainings.  Remember, the closer you are to a beginner, the more important it will be to learn the main lifts, and then get progressively stronger and more confident in working out.

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