You Dominated Your Offseason Training.
Now What?

Baseball Inseason Blueprint gives you:

  • Limitless customization options through our fluid training template and hundreds of baseball specific movement options
  • A full length 24-week inseason program that you can use right away, or build from to create a unique and individual training experience
  • An entire section on inseason training theory and application, so you can understand the why behind the what
  • Our exclusive movement video database, which we constantly update and organize for the easiest customization experience possible
  • Five ready to use preparatory warmups to get you training ASAP
  • Five recovery movement circuits, to keep you fresh, eliminate soreness, and help you perform at your best throughout the season
  • Systematic discussions on the organization of training days, weekly schedules, and full season periodization
  • Unlimited access to the authors for questions, comments, and support

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