3 Must-Try Mobility Drills

I think we would all agree that strength, speed, and power are three qualities you need to possess in order to dominate your respective sport.  However, I feel there’s an additional quality many athletes neglect to improve upon during the offseason period that directly impacts on-field performance: Movement Quality.

In my opinion, there’s nothing more important than quality movement.  Simply put, if you don’t move well there’s a good chance you’re not playing up to your full athletic potential and at the same time you’re putting yourself at extreme risk of injury this upcoming spring.

To help you improve your movement quality this offseason, I have three fantastic catch-all mobility drills you can utilize in your pre-training warmups to improve hip, thoracic spine, shoulder, hamstring, and lat mobility (plus many more areas)!

1. Spider-Man lunge with hip lift and overhead reach

via Own the Offseason

2. Squat to stand with diagonal reach

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3. Quad pull to lateral lunge with overhead reach

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In addition to using these exercises in your warmups, you can also use these drills as fillers in between sets of your main exercise for the day.  Here’s how you could utilize one of these mobility drills as a filler:

A1. trap bar deadlift

A2. Spider-Man lunge with hip lift and overhead reach

Keep training hard this offseason and make sure you don’t neglect your pre-training movement and mobility work!