Med Ball Manual
16-Week Power Development Program

You’ve worked hard to get strong.  Now it’s time to transform that strength into explosive power!

  • Sixteen weeks of carefully periodized and progressed medicine ball throws
  • Total focus on transferring general strength qualities to usable rotational power
  • Videos of every single move, linked directly in the program
  • Understand the why and how of training with medicine balls
  • Allow your body to self-organize as it learns proper sequencing and ground-up force transmission
  • Includes anti-rotation, anti-extension, and combination anti-movements under high speeds and high forces
  • Add miles per hour to your fastballs, and distance to your batted balls

We all know throwing medicine balls is an effective way to transfer your general strength qualities into baseball specific power. With our Med Ball Manual, you’ll get 16 weeks of carefully progressed throws, slowly building to high velocity, high power variations that will teach your body how to produce force, and transmit it through the body, as quickly and efficiently as possible. This program is designed to supplement your existing training regiment and take out the guesswork so you can focus on ball-breaking displays of power!

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